• Betsy Ross

You're Still Young

The phrase has always stuck with me ever since I was in childhood, but after getting out of the Army, I had a completely different outlook on life.

"You're still young"

"You have time"

These linger with me anytime I hear them. Tomorrow is September 10, which will mark 6 years after SPC Michael Epperson's death. He was 21 years old.

SPC Thomas Rice was 23

PV2 Arthur Barrio was 22

SPC Brenden Bryant was 22

SSG Thomas Rittal III was 32

Life gets crazy at times. There are ups and downs for everyone, but do not forget that life is precious. Not everyone gets to see their 30's; some not even their 20's. I say this to hopefully motivate readers to go after their dreams while they still can. Time seems plentiful until you realize you've come to the end.

Live happy. Live blessed.

Reach out to those who need to be reminded that they are still alive and therefore still have a chance to do something amazing.


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