• Betsy Ross

Why Bother?

Most Veterans feel relieved to finally be out of the military; it's like an unforgettable bittersweet good-bye. However, at some point, a lot of us hit that wall of feeling lost and helpless.

Why go back to school?

Why did I get out of the military?

What am I to do now?

What is my purpose?

There are numerous scenarios that many veterans find themselves in, and unfortunately, a lot of times it leads to negative outlets: alcohol abuse, drugs, etc. I attempt to add these viewpoints in Book #3 of the Fight series.

So, what about those who oftentimes find themselves contemplating "why bother?". Depression is typically looming in the shadows at this point. Then the thoughts "no one understands" discourage the veteran from reaching out. Liquor takes the edge off, sex becomes meaningless; life in general begins to feel meaningless.

Find people who you can talk to; whether it's venting, reaching out subtly for help, or finding an intelligent conversation to keep your mind distracted. Do not get lost in Netflix or social media; the brain becomes numb and that fire becomes barely an ember unless you find an impact to get yourself back.

Suicide is a taunting whisper in the back of your mind, but what will it resolve? How will you quiet your demons? How can you lead fellow comrades out of the darkness that you know all too well? You are a fighter.

Keep fighting the fight!


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