• Betsy Ross

Stolen Valor

When discussing veterans awareness, at some point Stolen Valor gets mentioned. Why is it even a thing? Won't they get caught? Eventually they do. But some will ask "who cares if they pretend to be a veteran?"

Without any hesitation, any veteran from any branch will shut an individual down for Stolen Valor. It is one thing that has zero tolerance among the military community.

Whether it's for discounts or attention, stolen valor is prevalent, and it's not always easy for anyone to realize they are being conned or lied to. Many people who have pretended to be a veteran have gone to the point of creating Go-Fund-Me pages and people donate to them! Meanwhile, we have actual veterans who can't get the medical and mental help they need and some are even homeless.

Bottom line, if you want to be a veteran, you have to go through the proper process first. One way or another, someone will notice and you will be called out.

President Barrack Obama had signed the Stolen Valor Act of 2013, making it a crime to be caught for Stolen Valor. Yet, it still persists. Even in recent political news there are people getting caught.

Stolen valor seems innocent until you meet those who have held their friend overseas as they died in their arms; as you witness the 21-Gun Salute at a Memorial Service. The uniform is sacred; it's why many veterans get upset when they see pieces of a uniform being used as fashion statements. Is it really wrong? Probably not.

But the military upholds code of conducts, military history, military bonds, wars, burials; everything is sacred. So, to diminish that is a slap in the face. Veterans will not take that lightly.


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