• Betsy Ross

Some Days Vary

Some days you just want to be distant from everyone

A lot of times people talk about getting "better" or "time heals all", but everyone hits a wall at times. Life can be good...You have done all the things self-help studies have told you to do; you followed guidelines and advice to help you overcome your past, but does the past feel that far behind you?

Veterans are a unique community in that nearly all of us can say that when we have moments where a moment or experience that happened while we wore the uniform comes into our mind. It's not always a bad memory, but that imprint is still there.

Some veterans just have to close their eyes and something reminds them of something. Some see something every time they dream; some have more random, unexpected moments. The military is not always bad, but there are days when that comradery or constant mindset is missing from the present.

It's okay to have days where you feel like "this is it", but don't lose hope! Don't kick yourself down for it, remember that tomorrow is a new day. If you need to talk to someone, find someone you know has served or someone who knows YOU. Sometimes that outsider's perspective gives you a clearer outlook where you got stuck, but there's a silver lining nonetheless. Keep remembering to keep fighting.


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