• Betsy Ross

Outside Looking In

I've always believed that there's been a miscommunication between individuals and society. What will people see and think as the progression of technology engraved into our lives during our time now? Even today, we like to romanticize different eras through our imaginations and movies, but were they really?

As a veteran myself, I know many people have wondered what my story really entails. Of course, it wasn't until Fight was originally published that anyone gave notice. Today, people would say that I have a good life yet I don't always wake up and feel that it is indeed a "good" life. Depression has a funny way of tunneling our perceptions, but then, things aren't always as they seem anyway, right?

When I was relieved of my duties from the Army back in 2012, my life was, in a nutshell, a hell hole. It's been referred to as the darkest phase in my life. Everything I had and lost were against me. Bad choices were made but my head wasn't in the right place either. Even today I stumble finding where I belong, but it's different now....I have a family.

I have children and a growing family ranch my husband and I began in 2016 as he prepared to get out of the Army as well. So, even now that I have much to lose (compared to the agonizing years right after getting out of the military) my life still feels empty. I continue to FIGHT my demons and wonder how I will surpass yet another obstacle. The Fight series has put so much of that into perspective, especially as I continued having interviews on various podcasts.

The Fight series has lost some momentum even though Fight III: To Fight Back was recently released after a drawn out release date. It's crazy how important a topic can be yet no one want to hear it. It's crazy how deceiving pain can be, with all of its faces and mimics; barely anyone takes notice. As emotional as our society is, no one truly wants to feel anything. Maybe it's because emotions are hard to contain or they show us sides of ourselves no one wants to accept. Either way, not everything is as it seems.

A newborn baby is supposed to be a joyous occasion in one's life, but it's also another mouth to feed. A new job is a great victory for someone but it's nevertheless a sacrifice to other things; i.e. school, children, etc. Newlyweds leaving the church is a beautiful sight, but marriage can turn just as fast. These are life's little moments that are good but to some they are burdens. We want to be normal and blend in, but inside we're ripping ourselves apart. Some of us don't feel normal within our own skin.

Turning to distractions, social media and the news are filled with politics and hate from around the world. Some people are trying so hard to FIGHT to make it the next day, and for what? Life can be dark and cruel and we have to be strong. We have to try to reach out to those willing to help but who truly cares? The VA isn't always reliable.

If you know someone who is struggling, don't hesitate to reach out to them. Don't ever think "someone else will do it" because that's not always the case. Even if something good happens and they seem to always have a smile on their face, don't be afraid to question further if everything is okay. We want to believe that life is good when the sun is shining, but sometimes it's deceiving. Reach out to those who you are thinking of.

~Keep fighting the fight~


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