• Betsy Ross


Everyone needs an outlet. What is yours? Some people turn to healthier options like fitness, taking a walk; or a hobby like drawing. Then there are others; drugs, alcohol, etc.

Imagine being in a dark place. You don't know where to go or what to do next. You have lost a sense of purpose, direction, and self. What now?

For a lot of veterans, this state of mind is all too familiar. Some bounce out of it pretty quick. Others stumble along the way. Then there are those who aren't sure if it's worth fighting for.

The mental health side of the military seems shaded with confusion and misinformation, leaving stragglers to continue to find more solid ways to cope. Alcohol is probably the most popular of choice, with nicotine right next to it, and together they have altered the coping abilities for our veterans to get beyond the severe levels of stress endured in the military.

Everyone needs an outlet. Everyone needs reassurance that they are okay. So, what are your outlets? What makes you "deal" with the day? What choices are you making to better YOU?

Are you creating yourself or breaking yourself down? Are you building up a future? Or are you trapping yourself within the past? Do you not feel worthy to keep going? If so, break down the causes for your state of mind.

If your outlets are not to blame, take the challenge of 1 week without those outlets and see what changes they cause. Think about it.


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