• Betsy Ross


My previous marriage was dark, which continues to haunt me even though I am now happily remarried with my own family. Because I met my ex while still serving in the U.S. Army, my memories clash with what was military and what was my personal life.

With that said, relationships and a personal life correlate with how someone can perceive obstacles, opportunities, choices, and life in general. For me personally, when something happens--good or bad--my brain hits a switch. It's much like what I describe as a GLITCH. A processing effect takes place, which may or may not perceive me as a functional human being.

Nevertheless, passion continues to give me goals to achieve in order for me to not become overwhelmed by my eccentric demeanor. But I am only human. Depression lurks day and night, but speaking with fellow veterans reminds me that depression has many forms, faces, sounds, words....no song is ever sung the same.

My glitches annoy me. When I try describing them, especially when I had tried to express myself to councilors, I hate them even more. A reminder takes place that I am always stuck with them. If I go out and get a buzz, I know exactly what will come after it wears off. Though I am not alone in my...unique...concepts and perceptions, it is very easy to become buried in my thoughts.

~ Keep fighting the fight ~


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