• Betsy Ross

Dear Diary

Many veterans I have come across typically end up saying "I didn't know where to start" or "I didn't know how to start". I moved 5 times right after getting out of the service; sleeping on people's couches, etc. I had no job and went right back to school while dealing with a very bad marriage in the mix. I was drinking heavily and had no friends; even the so-called friends I had in the military didn't talk to me anymore. Shortly after moving back to my hometown area, I had received word that a friend of mine that I served with had died. I never heard word if it was a confirmed suicide or not, but I was still heartbroken. My entire world was upside down.

So to imagine how other vets have overcome the obstacle of jumping back into society as a reborn civilian again has a wide range of outcomes. Some have no problem at all, then there are others who struggle immensely. This is typically the state of mind where different forms of "outlets" come into play for each individual. It could be alcohol, nicotine, drugs, sex, etc.

Many people will try to "define" what depression is. If you ask anyone, they will generally say "sadness", "loneliness", and many other words that describe the feeling of being depressed. They are not wrong, but there has formed a stigma amongst the veteran community that draws many away from seeking help.

They were leaders, some were fearless, some were strong minded individuals.....now they just look at a reflection of someone they hate. Mind you, this is not for ALL veterans, but it is important to be open minded that there are thousands out there looking for answers and help but don't know how to ask.

That is why I state #VeteransUnite throughout social media because I feel that veterans in general need to be reminded that we are not alone. Things change but we can adapt together so that nobody gets left behind.


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