• Betsy Ross

Cabin Fever

Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, many things have gravely faced challenges. Among them is the mental health of individuals. FIGHT spotlights those of the veteran community since many are already challenged with internal demons, whether that's PTSD or anything of the like. Businesses are also faltering, which can increase stresses and hope for a healthy future for sales, business goals, and employees alike.

I personally have been struggling to manage through this 2020 year, just as billions around the world. I was laid off during the first week of the year, which my employer challenged me getting unemployment. After fighting it for 2 months, I eventually won my unemployment, but it's barely enough to manage with 2 toddlers and a ranch business. Because of this unfortunate event, I can't help seeing the silver lining that it was before the virus spread. Since I was a medical laboratory technician, I would have been at the front lines of performing testing for the virus and then some.

I have turned to gardening, tending to a home and children, and even became a consultant for Pampered Chef. Writing has been hit or miss since writing Fight IV: To Fight On involves me placing myself in a mental state of mind that could very well need me to separate myself to regain my sanity.

Nevertheless, even with all the challenges, I try keeping proactive and working towards a purpose. I try replicating that through social media, but everyone has a unique take on the situation of being home or not being able to go home in order to not get anyone else sick. There are people who would like to ask for help; some are questioning to end their life and asking for help when there's chaos in the world, their "problems" aren't worth it. How can YOU talk to someone that they are important too even when there's a pandemic? Are YOU willing to keep positive even it's difficult to do so? We're all struggling to some level; don't ever feel alone. You're not alone.

How is word supposed to spread about FIGHT and its mission when so many are struggling as it is? FIGHT is a realistic fiction that makes people feel and sense different levels of emotions that could very well make them question their own sanity.....How am I to have that over my conscience?

I want people to read FIGHT in order to have an inside look to mental health in our veteran community, but when is it ever truly a "good" time to promote a dark topic? I have also incorporated an online store to help promote the FIGHT mission outside of book sales. Book sales are important, but the goals and missions outside books are just as important, if not more.

If you feel down, reach out to someone. The world has always been "crazy", but we can manage through it all together.

Keep fighting the Fight


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