• Betsy Ross

Bleeding Red, White, & Blue

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Bleeding the colors

That were always spoken

With such meaning and glory

To grow up to see

That those who bleed

Red, white, and blue

Get hurt and die in ways

No one speaks of

And forsake altogether

Because shame on those

Who care enough

To bleed the colors

That do not run;

Red, white, and blue.

Heaven help us

And bless those

That bleed them.

- Betsy Ross, August 2019


When I went into basic, I learned where I would fall among the ranks because everyone has their reasons for joining the military. Some carry out their duties with more pride than others. Oftentimes, the used and abused break under pressure and turn against their own; can you really blame them?

Even in the veteran community, there is a process of falling into a "place". Regardless of experiences endured while in the service, there is a time when the veteran accepts what they learned, who they became, and which veterans are worth continuing the very much missed camaraderie.

Pride and patriotism are typical characteristics within a warrior's heart, but it is a not-so-common trend in the society that they defended. Every generation has seen and come across the grateful and the not-so-grateful patrons of the country that they love. Nevertheless, even among the ranks you will come across the dark souls that belittle patriotism to the point a new soldier will lose the light to the reasons why they joined in the first place. It's a catastrophe that is common and heartbreaking to watch and see as the light in their eye fades and their personality changes.

Typical terms that are commonly seen across the social media platforms are "gung-ho" and "full hooah" (Army reference), yet many young soldiers and Marines are ready to be "gung-ho" and feel the need to feel "badass" and dependable.

Why is it made fun of then? Wouldn't we want those who CARE out on the battlefield? Or is it to prepare the young minds that reality is harsh and that there's a gray line for the reasons we are sent to war? Why is it so wrong to be patriotic?

Not only do we FIGHT daily to defend our beliefs and morals online, we also continue to FIGHT them while wearing the same uniform, training for a war we may or may not agree with.

What is your opinion? Do you feel that you bleed red, white, and blue? Or do you feel that that part of you died along with a battle buddy no longer with us? Or perhaps the constant FIGHT of daily life in general is gradually depleting your "gung-ho" spirit?

It's okay to have days where you don't feel very strong. We all have them. Every day is a struggle; every day is a FIGHT. There is no shame in being patriotic or standing up for what you believe in. Always choose to keep fighting the FIGHT.


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