• Betsy Ross

Aware of Your Surroundings

If you were to walk into a room full of people and asked for veterans to raise their hand, do you think some of them would surprise you that they served their country? Regardless of what branch, veterans look different and have different stories to tell you.

There are some veterans that are living on the streets. There are veterans who have done all the "right" things to move on, but the moment they close their eyes, all they can think of is the time they put on that uniform.

We have an abundance of technology and social media to keep us in touch, but why do we forget the intended uses for them? To keep in contact of those we said we'd have their six? Why do we allow life to take control over us, knowing that complacency gets people killed?

Take a look around. Thank a veteran when the opportunity arises, but if you get the chance to hear their stories, let them know that everything is okay now. A lot of veterans don't want to be healed--as crazy as it sounds--they just want to be heard.


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