The Fight series

is written in memory of

SPC Thomas Rice

SPC Michael Epperson

PV2 Arthur Barrio

SPC Brenden Bryant

SSG Thomas Rittal III

1SG David Rice

Latest Episode - Fight With Betsy Ross
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Leslie and John both served in the Army and crossed paths under unfortunate events. Now that they are out, they are having to readapt to civilian life and it’s not as easy as what they were originally told. However, they find out how important it is to stay close with their fellow Veterans who have different backgrounds and stories, but they all share one thing: adapting to their old life as a civilian isn’t as easy as it looks.

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Kent and Ashley try to overcome their past, not only their service to their country but the very people who broke their heart. The memories taunt them every day, but how will they be able to move on? They begin to fall into situations that bring them hope, but is it enough to heal a broken heart?


John and Leslie struggle to make ends meet, but some things are easier said than done. They fortunately crossed paths again since getting out of the Army, but everything changed since the night Derick died. This isn't the battlefield and they aren't the same people they were when they wore their uniform. Is life really all that different or is it all in their head?


Ryan has been struggling with the use of drugs since leaving the U.S. Army. He is haunted by his memories and sees no point moving on with his life. He then meets another Army veteran, Taylor, who he can open to about anything. However, Taylor is at a loss herself with her own life. She thought getting out of the military would be a new chapter in her life, but then events occur that trigger more from her military past than she would like. Both Ryan and Taylor meet other veterans at the VA and soon question everything, including their past and their own existence.

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